Google Business Profile Strategies for Farms to Harvest Success

Growing your farm business means a lot of groundwork, but there are plenty of things you can do to help nurture your business and help it bloom. Optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly called Google My Business) is one of my top SEO tips, and it doesn’t have as big of a spotlight as it shouldespecially compared to using social media platforms. SEO is so important for helping people in your area find out about your farm when they’re searching for it, and optimizing your Google Business Profile is a key way to get started with this.

But just creating a Google Business Profile account doesn’t mean you’re done. I recommend updating at least monthly to give Google and potential customers the most up-to-date information (but it won’t take you hours to update, don’t worry!). So keep reading for my top monthly Google Business Profile strategies for farms to help you rank higher in your local area!

Google Business Profile Strategies for Farmers

Why farms need Google Business Profile

First things first, why is it important for your farm business to use Google Business Profile? In the age of convenience and as the demand for instant information grows, an online presence is vital. With Google Business Profile, your farm can ‘cultivate’ a strong online presence, and reach more local customers because it allows search engine users to see your information at the top of search results page, as well as automatically adding your business information to Google Maps. 

Screenshot of Google Maps showing flower farms in Raleigh

It also makes things easier for potential customers, who may be searching for your address, hours of operation, or contact details or just looking for farms like yours online. When users search for relevant keywords or phrases, it is likely your business listing may appear if you have optimized your profile correctly (which this blog is going to help you with!).

So here are some monthly strategies to really enhance your Google Business Profile for your farm and reach more potential customers online.

Post Regular and Relevant Content

When you create posts on Google Business Profile, you’re ‘sowing’ the seeds of timely updates and creating an opportunity for customer engagement. Google Business Profile posts are similar to social media posts, and these will show up under your business information on your page. You should create these posts at least monthly (maybe even weekly during your busy seasons), and ensure they are relevant and timely.

For example, you can create posts when a particular flower or food is in season or when “u pick” is ready for customers. Think about what potential customers want to know (or even what questions you’re constantly answering over the phone or on social media) and create posts that will help them get the information they want.

Google Business Profile post

You should always make sure these posts are high quality with no spelling mistakes, and use clear, concise language. Write in the tone of voice you have adopted across the rest of your content (your “brand voice”), and keep the information relevant. You can also add links to relevant website pages for people to get more details. By posting regularly, people who come across your business will know that you are open, proactive, and ready to welcome them to your farm. You reap what you sow, and by putting effort into posting on your Google Business Profile you’ll see an increase in visitors both to your website and your business location!

Showcase Your Farm’s Bounty with Photos

As well as these regular posts, I also recommend posting images weekly or monthly, depending on the season. Farms are often picturesque and colorful, and this is your chance to entice people and really show off your space. People are more likely to visit your farm if they have a visual representation of what it is. By regularly uploading photos to your Google Business Profile, you’re able to show that you are active with your profile and staying up to date will positively impact your rankings on Google! Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off a particularly bountiful harvest, a stunning crop, any new creations or products, etc.

Eggplants and green peppers at a farm market

Google’s own research suggests that, if a business’s Google Business Profile has photos, customers are 42% more likely to ask for directions to a business, and 35% more likely to click through to the website. Just by adding photos, you could potentially see 40% more visitors at your farm! This alone shows the importance of regularly uploading imagery to your profile.

If SEO is as confusing to you as center-pivot irrigation is to a non-farmer (like me, who had to look up what that is), then consider signing up to my Seeds for SEO Success course: 9 Foundations to Fix Your Site SEO and Grow Your Business.

Keep Your Business Information Up-to-Date

You should regularly review the information you have on your Google Business Profile—if you update your email address or phone number for some reason, make this is reflected in the contact information available to your audience so they can easily contact you.

And, if your hours change seasonally, be sure to check that these are always correct and up to date. This is incredibly important since it can be so frustrating for a potential customer to show up and find your location closed, after checking your opening hours online (this has happened to me numerous times!).

Google Business Profile hours

Check (and double check!) the address to make sure customers are being directed to the correct place, too. All of this makes it easier for people to find you and have a good experience while doing so!

Encourage Reviews (and Reply to Them)

Customers are able to leave reviews of your farm on Google Business Profile, with a star rating and a comment. Make a point of checking and reading through these once a month, and responding to them. Thank people for good reviews, and see what you can do to improve a bad review or explain the context behind whatever issue a customer has faced. Always be polite and cordial when responding, especially to any negative comments as other reviewers can read them.

Be sure to ask your customers if they would consider taking the time to leave a review, as this can be really helpful both for your SEO and for helping potential new customers trust you. You can also add this as a note at the end of receipts or on a card that you add to their shopping as they purchase for an extra reminder!

Google Business Profile reviews

With these ongoing Google Business Profile strategies for farms, your online presence will blossom and you can reap the benefits! Optimizing your Google Business Profile each month doesn’t have to be time-consuming, so you can be back out on the farm before you know it—but it is definitely something worth tending to. Stay on top of information, update your photos, and try to post regularly—and make sure you’re checking your analytics to track how your account is performing. This way, you’ll see new customers cropping up in your business in no time! 

If you want to know more about SEO and the strategies you can use to grow your farm business, hop on a consultation call with me and find out more about how we can improve your rankings together!

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