Seeds for SEO Success

9 Foundations to Fix Your Site SEO and Grow Your Business

Are you struggling to get your site to rank in Google?

Are you struggling to convert potential clients once they’re on your site?

Are you getting more and more tired of trying to keep up with Instagram’s algorithm and want to diversify your income streams?

You log in to Instagram and start checking your notifications. You have a few comments on your latest post, but it's your business friends and the always annoying bot trying to sell sunglasses. You are doing all the right things - you post at the right time, you use hashtags, you show your face on Stories, and you waste hours each week engaging and messaging. It’s EXHAUSTING (and so frustrating), and you have nothing to show for all your hard work.

If you’ve been wondering if there’s a better way, SEO can help bring the right people to your site who are ready to pay for your products and services!

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for those in the know!) is the process of optimizing your site so that it ranks higher on Google or other search engines for the kind of searches your ideal clients might be making. This means the right people find your site WHEN they are ready to pay for your products and services... because they are already looking!

My Seeds for SEO Success course will show you not only how to rank higher and get more people on your site, but how to help convert them once they land on your site through an SEO audit deep dive. This is something I've done tons of times for my clients and - with the right teacher - I promise you'll be able to do it too! No previous technical experience required (except knowing how to log into your website!).

i'm ready to SIGN UP!

What if you could rank on Google and have your clients come to you?

*The Seeds for SEO Success checkout page is hosted on my other brand website Julia Renee Consulting.

This course is different because I’m not going to give you SEO strategies to try. Instead, we’re going to go through 9 different foundational elements on your site so you can see what is and isn’t working. SEO is more than just researching keywords and hoping people find you; it’s a mashup of user experience, copywriting, web development, branding, web design, and a sprinkle of fairy dust to help the Google gods understand your business and know what to rank you for (but I can’t help with the fairy dust, sorry!).

I’ll walk you through each step of the way in the audit and tell you exactly what to look at on your site and why it matters.

And to make it super easy to access, the content of this course will be sent straight to your email! That’s right, it won’t be on a course platform where you have to log in (and reset your password 23 times because you keep forgetting it… or is that just me?), everything will be sent to your inbox. The content will be text with some short videos for anything that needs to be explained visually (and they will be captioned). 

No new course platform to learn. No password to keep forgetting. No hassle.


*The Seeds for SEO Success checkout page is hosted on my other brand website Julia Renee Consulting.

There are 10 modules in this SEO audit course, and one module will be sent per day to your email. You can reply directly to the emails if you have any questions.

In this Seeds for SEO Success course, we’ll be analyzing your: 

Site speed
Navigation and user experience
Title tags and meta descriptions
Website copy
Blog posts
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Keyword strategy and competition

What’s included in the course

You can get my audit course - including all my best tips and practices on how to do it yourself - for only $479.

Who this course is for

-Anyone who’s ready for potential clients to find you on Google and doesn’t know where to begin.
-Any business owner overwhelmed by all the high-level SEO strategies and wants to work from the ground up.
-Anyone who’s ready to figure out why your site isn’t converting.
-Anyone who doesn’t know what the heck to look at with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and needs help deciphering the data.
-Any business owner committed to doing the work. I’m going to guide you through what to analyze and how to change things, but it’s up to you to make the changes!

Who this course is not for:

-Anyone who likes to binge course content. Sorry, this course will be paced out throughout a month (I guess you could just wait until the end of the course and then consume all the content at once, but it wouldn’t be my recommendation)
-Anyone who isn’t committing to doing the work on their site. I’m going to walk you through the audit, but it’s only going to work if you’re committed to making the changes on your site so you can get all the benefits from this course!
-Advanced SEO experts. This is a foundational course and won’t cover advanced strategies.
-Anyone without a website. I have other SEO resources to help you establish an SEO strategy once you get a website, but this course is going to be a deep dive for people who have already launched their sites.


What if I lose or accidentally delete an email?
Just let me know and I would be happy to resend it!

Will there be any refunds?
There are no refunds because due to the digital nature of the course, there isn't a way for the information in the course to be returned.

How will I get the course content?
One module a day will be sent to the email you use to purchase the course.

Let's grow your business with SEO together!



*The Seeds for SEO Success checkout page is hosted on my other brand website Julia Renee Consulting.

*The Seeds for SEO Success checkout page is hosted on my other brand website Julia Renee Consulting.

I'm an SEO Strategist, spicy food lover, travel photographer, SEO professor, and amateur gardener in Philadelphia :) I first started doing SEO and established Julia Renee Consulting, but gardening and buying from local farms became a passion of mine and I wanted to help more agriculture and horticulture businesses grow!

I love SEO consulting because SEO optimization is such a great way for your customers to find you organically, and it makes me so happy when my clients get more traffic and customers from Google!

I know SEO can be overwhelming, so my goal is to make SEO strategies approachable and easy to implement for small businesses.

Hi! I'm Julia


Great job, Julia! You really helped me save time and headaches by clearly outlining simple, navigable steps. You also clarified many mysteries and were able to intelligently ascertain what needed improvement. I feel really confident in my website thanks to you, you were a life-saver!

"Working with Julia to understand SEO has been such a help for my business... Julia was patient and very helpful when it came to finding key words and reorganizing the flow of my site. I appreciate the in depth videos she provides and the meetings so that I was able to ask her questions along the way."




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