Top 6 Benefits of SEO for Farmers & Agricultural Businesses

Want more customers finding your farm on Google?

SEO can help!

There are lots of benefits of SEO for farmers, and I’m covering my top 6 benefits in this post so read on!

Top 6 Benefits of SEO for Farmers and Agricultural Businesses

What Is SEO?

Before we get into the SEO benefits and why it matters for your business, what exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s basically just the process of making your site easier for search engines to understand, which will help your rankings and traffic increase. Boiled down, you want to make sure you’re giving Google the best information to know what to rank you for to make sure you’re reaching the right people (plus, a lot more technical things with data, user experience, mobile design, etc.)

This post is going to be focusing on the benefits of SEO for farmers and not the strategies, so if you’re more interested in SEO strategies, I have lots of blog posts on SEO strategies for farmers, beekeepers, gardeners, florists, and more!

1. Increased Traffic to Your Website

The #1 benefit of SEO is getting in front of more potential customers, which will help your business grow!

The primary goal of SEO is to increase your website’s traffic by improving your rankings on Google. The higher your farm’s website ranks, the more traffic you’re likely to get, and the more potential customers you’ll reach. And increased traffic from new customers can lead to more sales and more returning customers, which will help your farm grow.

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2. Reach the Right Customers

If you want to use Google to find a pizza place in your town, you’re likely searching something like “pizza restaurant near me.” Then you find a pizza place that looks good and you place an order. And if you like the pizza, you’ll likely go back there again.

This is the exact same process people use on Google to find your farm!

When people search for the type of farm you have or the products you offer and you’re ranking at or near the top of the search results, they’re likely to visit your website to check out your farm, and if they like what they see, they’ll turn into a customer.

So basically, SEO helps you reach the right audience who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. By targeting and using the right keywords related to your farm’s offerings on your website, you’ll rank higher and get in front of those people who want to buy what you’re selling.

3. More Sustainable Traffic for Your Content

Unlike social media posts that have a short lifespan, SEO ensures that your blog post content gets traffic for months or even years—without needing to constantly promote your posts on social media. Blog posts about your farming practices or seasonal produce that you offer can continue to attract traffic long after the posts are published.

This means that potential customers can find your content anytime—not just when you’re actively promoting it on social media—to drive ongoing, sustainable traffic to your site!

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4. Grow Your Email List

An email list is a great way to stay top of mind for your customers! I subscribe to my favorite local farm’s email list, and I love getting notified when different produce is in season or when they have something special coming up. And from the farm’s perspective, this helps them keep their customers (like me) coming back.

So SEO not only brings traffic to your website, but it can also help you grow your email list. By getting the right visitors to your site from Google (especially in your local area), you can encourage them to sign up for your farm’s newsletter or offer them an incentive like a discount code to sign up for your list. And once they’re on your list, keep them engaged with your newsletter to keep them coming back to your farm!

5. Improved User Experience and Accessibility

SEO is not just about keywords; it’s also about improving the user experience on your website. I know you’ve been on a website at some point that took sooooo long to load or was just frustrating to find the information you needed, so you left quickly and never went back. That’s what we want to avoid.

Sites that have a great user experience will keep people engaged longer and visiting more pages (which Google likes to see) and helps people convert to customers more easily (which you’ll love!). And the easier it is for people to find the information they’re looking for, the more likely it is that they’ll keep coming back to your site.

A well-optimized website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities—on both mobile and desktop. Google prioritizes sites that have good user experience with engaged visitors, which means your rankings can improve. So make sure your farm’s website is user-friendly and accessible to keep visitors engaged and wanting to become your customer!

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6. Less Time Spent on Social Media

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with social media? One of the biggest benefits of SEO for farmers is getting your time back from social media!

While social media is a valuable tool for connecting with your audience, it can be time-consuming and unpredictable due to frequent algorithm changes or glitches causing the apps to crash. I’m not saying to write social media off completely because it definitely has value for businesses. But if you’re a busy small business owner, you don’t need to be spending hours on social media every day dancing and finding the perfect music for an Instagram Reel in the hopes that you convert one of your followers. SEO provides a more sustainable and long-term strategy to reach potential customers.

And it can take less time in the long run! Once you get your site optimized, the ongoing maintenance and strategy should only take maybe a couple of hours each month (if that), which is likely what you’re spending on social media in a week or even a day. And once the pressure of needing to be super active on social media is down, you can just focus on having fun there!

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So have these 6 benefits of SEO for farmers convinced you to start working on your site?

I LOVE seeing when my clients’ sites increase in traffic, and my absolute favorite thing is when they start getting more and more customers finding them on Google! SEO really does work, and I can help you grow your business on Google, too.

If you’re ready to have your ideal clients start coming to you so you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting hours on social media every day, it’s time to try SEO. If you want to just hand SEO off to an expert, check out my SEO services and see how I can help you grow your business!

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